Vossen VLE-1

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The VLE-1 is the first in a limited-edition series of wheels by Vossen. With only 400 sets produced in two classic finishes, the VLE-1 puts a new twist on Vossen’s already-established lineup of innovative, concave designs.

Individually-numbered center caps demonstrate both the VLE-1’s exclusivity and the precision craftsmanship that you’ve grown to expect from Vossen. A matching fifth center cap is included with each wheel set, as a memento of the exclusive experience that VLE ownership represents.

Direction is the root of the VLE-1’s aggressive feel. Creating a directional wheel, however, is twice as involved, requiring four molds instead of the one or two for traditional designs.

As a result, the VLE-1 spins with the direction of the car, much like a saw blade in action and with equal aggression.

The VLE-1 is a 20-inch directional wheel produced in a variety of bolt patterns and widths. Employing a low pressure casting process, the VLE-1 is both lighter and stronger than its conventional gravity cast counterparts. There are 400 sets crafted in each finish, Gloss Graphite and Silver Metallic.
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